Offshore Pipeline Engineering
Onshore Pipeline Engineering
Corrosion Monitoring & Control
Asset Integrity Management
Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing
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Our expertise in the offshore and subsea pipeline engineering include:

Design of High Quality Coating Systems
or assets involved in the transportation of oil, gas and multi-phase products through water depths exceeding 3,000m. These assets include:
 Export Pipelines
 In-field Flowlines
 Pipeline Bundles
 Pipeline  Tie-in Systems
   SSIV Protective Structure
   SDA Clamps
   Riser Gravity Bases

We ensure our coating systems comply with relevant regulations and statutory instruments and We also specify procedures for coating the pipelines and structure systems

Design and operation of CP systems
We design galvanic anodes, Zinc based, Aluminium based for both Carbon steel structures and pipelines. We are able to provide novel solutions for CP systems for CRA pipelines like 13Cr steels.

Our CP systems that we have designed are currently in use all over the world, in Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, and UK to mention a few. We are able to provide technical expertise as regards the operation of CP systems. We also provide retrofit solutions to systems already in operation.

Inspection Activities
We are able to provide technical expertise and risk assessment to design and optimise inspection and maintenance routine for subsea structures and pipelines. We can provide operation expertise for offshore systems.


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