Replacement of Timber Decking on Kwame Nkrumah FPSO   ,Offshore Jubilee Field Ghana CLIENT:           

DPS was contracted by MODEC to replace all the timber decking on the Kwame Nkrumah FPSO, offshore Jubilee Field  Ghana.

Project scope of work included cutting the timber planks into the desired lengths and size, cutting up carbon steel bars into H and T joists; sandblasting and painting with an epoxy based paint, the steel structures.



Replacement of bean choke at Batan Manifold- Nigeria

Our pipeline services team purchased a new bean choke for one of the wellheads at the Batan manifold station (Niger Delta), and successfully installed and tested it.


Long Range Ultrasonic Testing-Nigeria

Integrity assessment for non piggable lines using LRUT technology was performed for several clients recently. These projects involved DPS Level II Technicians taking LRUT measurements at corrosion risk locations along the length of the pipelines to measure the remaining wall thickness of the pipelines. These data were then analysed to determine wall loss, review inspection frequency and provide advice to chemists regarding the corrosion inhibition programs in place.



Training of Ex Militants in Welding Fabrication-Nigeria

DPS team of expatriates successfully trained 30 Ex Militants on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria in welding & Fabrication at its Welding Institute in Nigeria.

The training curriculum adopted for the program was the Scottish NVQ-2 Welding & Fabrication curriculum. Topics covered include - Joining Materials by the Manual Metal Arc Welding Process; Joining Materials by Manual MIG/MAG and other Continuous Wire Welding Processes; Joining materials by Manual TIG and Plasma-arc Welding Processes; Producing Fillet Welded Joints using a Manual Welding Process;;  Sheet Metalwork (3 mm or less); Platework (3 mm upwards); Structural Steelwork; Thermal Cutting; etc

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